Monday, 11 January 2016

Food Sensitivities

This is for my personal use, though it should help anyone in a similar boat.

Since cutting out dairy and gluten four days ago the heavy breathing that I used to get in the mornings, afternoons and evenings has greatly subsided. However, it seems to have made a bit of a comeback today (Monday 11th January 2016) and yesterday (Sunday 10th January 2016). I also felt very tired earlier in the afternoon which is a symptom I haven't had in a month or so.

This may be due to a sensitivity to fried foods as I ate chips on Saturday and Sunday night. It may also be totally unrelated to food and just a part of recovering from fatigue. I shall see how I feel tomorrow and whether or not the heavy breathing is present then as today I will only be eating fruits, vegetables, noodles, meat and some herbal and fruit drinks.

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